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Developing skills and preparing baseball players for the next level -


Developing baseball & softball skills - Preparing players for the next level          -

Palos Verdes, CA  -South Bay of Southern California


Private Baseball Instruction

Private Baseball Training

Torrance, CA

Palos Verdes. CA  

South Bay of Southern California

Big Bear Lake, Big Bear City, Sugarloaf - California


Nederland, TX - southeast Texas - near Beaumont TX

For information regarding baseball training in southeast Texas, please see bottom of page.


Mark Mainini - Professional Baseball Instructor

Baseball trainer, Mark Mainini, provides private baseball instruction and training to players of all ages and skill levels -

High School Players

Little League Players

College Players

PONY Players

Club Players

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Baseball Training

Hitting Instruction 

Pitching Instruction

Fielding Instruction

Catching Instruction

Baseball Conditioning

Baseball Video Analysis


Professional Baseball Training in southern California - "When parents and coaches ask me who can really teach and train their baseball players or teams, I recommend Mark Mainini." 

                                                                    ~ Don Slaught

Don Slaught, aka "Sluggo", played in the Major Leagues for sixteen years - hitting coach of the 2006 American League Champions - the Detroit Tigers, & creator of "RightView Pro" - state of the art video analysis teaching system for baseball and softball _______________________________________________________________________________________________________

Mark Mainini - Los Angeles Baseball Instructor -

"Coach Mainini has worked with my 12 and 10 year old sons through club baseball and private lessons. They are both better pitchers and improved hitters, who have an improved command of situational baseball and now own an understanding of the finer details of the game of baseball. My boys are huge fans of Coach Mark, not only because of what he teaches them, but how he interacts with them. He has contributed significantly to their love of the game."    - R. Rosas


Mark Mainini - Former Professional Baseball Player

Southern California Baseball Trainer

We teach all aspects of baseball - from the fundamentals to the finer points of the game. 

Baseball Training in the South Bay - Players learn and improve.  Improvement builds confidence and self esteem.  When a player improves, baseball becomes even more enjoyable.



Private Baseball Training in PV (Palos Verdes) & 


Hitting Instruction / Hitting Mechanics

Pitching Instruction / Pitching Mechanics / Throwing

Fielding Instruction for All Positions 

Catcher's Skills

Video Analysis with "RightView Pro"

for Hitting & Pitching




For Baseball Conditioning click HERE


Hitting Instruction with Baseball Video Analysis - "RightView Pro"

Through the use of "RightView Pro", our students benefit from hitting video analysis, (swing analysis), during each lesson with Coach Mainini.  This teaching tool allows them to see themselves in side by side synchronized video comparisons of swings with over 100 of the most successful hitters in the game today, and of years past.  Video analysis visually defines precisely what the most efficient hitters in the world ALL do by using slow motion visualization and frame by frame breakdowns.  The student can actually see what he is doing versus what he needs to do.  When the student sees that he is doing something different compared to all the best Major Leaguers, he then has a visual concept of the adjustments that need to be made.  We provide explanations, demonstrations, and implement the appropriate drills in order to improve their swing. They can feel the improvement of their motion and their ability to swing the bat more efficiently, allowing them to cover the plate and drive the ball with maximum power. 

Pitching Instruction with Baseball Video Analysis


Baseball Video Analysis / Swing Analysis with Mark Mainini

"His knowledge of the mechanics of hitting, combined with his patient demeanor and RightView Pro system, yields optimal results for young ballplayers." - C. Chance



Private Baseball Instruction in southern California and southeast Texas

Baseball players travel to California from all over the US as well as from around the world for baseball instruction and training with Coach Mainini.

"... Mark Mainini is simply the best baseball instructor for young men aged 8 to 17 I have ever seen.  And I have seen many."  - Gary 


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Baseball Lessons - "I can say without hesitation that Mark Mainini has been the finest baseball instructor for my teams and for my two sons." - Chris

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 Baseball Training in Palos Verdes, California

Coach Mainini 


Cost: $40.00 per 1/2 hour 

$75.00 per hour


Youth Baseball Camps - Southern California 


 Torrance - South Bay of Southern California

Our baseball camps and clinics are open to players from all baseball leagues.

During ou baseball camps, our baseball coaches provide baseball instruction and training in Hitting, Pitching / Throwing Mechanics, Fielding of All Positions, Catcher's Skills, Base Running, Situational Defense, and much more; from the fundamentals to the finer points of the game....And the players have a blast.

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Baseball Camp - Ages 8 - 13

Camp and Clinic


25615 Lazy Meadow Dr.

Torrance, CA 90505

25615 Lazy Meadow Dr., Torrance, CA 90505

Baseball Training in southeast Texas

Dates: To be announced - Early summer for approximately one week

For information regarding private baseball instruction and baseball camps at Prime Time Baseball and Softball Training Center, please visit:


Mark Mainini - Baseball Coach / Baseball Trainer

Baseball Training in Southern California

Professional Baseball Instruction / Baseball Lessons